Strategic Planning - Housing in Austrey

There is a general shortage of housing across the whole of the UK. To address this the Government are planning for an increase in housing and this is being driven by a series of Core Strategy planning documents across the country.

In Austrey our planning is driven by the Core Strategy for North Warwickshire and the draft of this document has been circulated widely for comment. See the web site for a detailed view.(

This document calls for a total of 40 new dwellings to be built in Austrey in the next 20 years. However through a new ‘Localism Act’ local people can have a lot more say in the type and location of these. In our response to the draft Strategy Document your Parish Council have started the process of defining what we want and don’t want. The detailed response can be viewed via the link at the bottom of this page and it is driven by your feedback through the Village Plan.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that a response from the Parish Council of ‘No building in Austrey’ will lead to planning decisions being taken at Borough level and we get what they decide.

The Parish Council look on the requirement for more dwellings as a chance to improve aspects of our community, to support older residents within the community and at the same time to ensure the village doesn’t atrophy as a centre for retirees.

The following extract from our response sums up these views :-

The PC accepts that the three most significant factors that affect the need for more housing within the village are :-

  1. The house cost inflation that means that a typical young family cannot afford to buy in Austrey.
  2. The ageing profile of villagers is changing the needs of residents.
  3. The fierce desire of residents to retain the village character.
  • Factor 1 will affect the viability of the school on a long-term basis as young families become a smaller proportion of the village population. The PC consider the school to be one of the foundation stones of the community and ensuring its longer term viability of strategic importance.
  • Factor 2 will increase the need for village sheltered housing. Most villagers would like to stay in the immediate community as they become old and infirm which would require provision within the village of dwellings appropriate to their needs.
  • Factor 3 pushes against any development within the village.

The PC are adamant that NO housing development must be allowed on any green land around the village. This includes land that is actively farmed as well as growing gardens of properties in the village. It is this greenery that gives the village its rural character and as such must be considered as sacrosanct.

The PC would very much welcome input to the discussion – which will be going through many more stages before our policy is complete and can be enforced. Any extra detail will be posted here or look at the noticeboards. Responses in writing to the PC letter box at the shop or via the comment box below.

Parish Council


Copy of full PC response 

Austrey PC Response to NWBC DCS Jan 2012

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