About Your Parish Council

The Austrey Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month (apart from August and assuming we are quorate) at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. 

Members of the public are warmly invited to attend any of our meetings.  Many local issues are discussed and action, where necessary, is taken in consultation with the village residents. For further information about what the Parish Council does, please explore the links above. Meet your Parish Councillors below:

Tony Treadwell
Tristan Fraser

Tony is 67 years old, a married father of two, and grandfather (Pops) to three. He has lived in Austrey since 1974. Tony joined the Parish Council because he felt it was time that the 'crossroads' end of the village had a voice.

Tony can be contacted at: tony@austrey.co.uk

Tristan was born and bred in the village and lives in Austrey with his wife and young daughter. He’s 37 and a farrier by trade, and has also helped run Austrey bonfire for a few years now.

Tristan's email address is: tristan@austrey.co.uk

Anne Wilde

Originally from Lancashire, Anne moved to Austrey almost 20 years ago, together with her sister, Jayne and nephew Jack. Her father, Allen, later returned from Spain to live next door to his two daughters. Anne has returned to the Parish Council after a period working away in Dublin and is delighted to be back in the village. She feels privileged to be a member of such a friendly and caring community and is committed to doing all she can to ensure that this remains a great place to live.

Anne can be contacted on: anne@austrey.co.uk

Mick Beeson
Vice Chair

Mick can be contacted at: mick@austrey.co.uk

Sam Goldney

Born and raised in Austrey, Sam moved to London at 18 to start her career. Several decades later, Sam has been back in the village for some time and her children now both attend the local schools where she was educated. Passionate about the village and the people within it, Sam wants to ensure that Austrey continues to thrive and develop at a pace that suits the village and its inhabitants.

Sam's email address is: sam@austrey.co.uk

Heather Hadley

Heather can be contacted on: heather@austrey.co.uk

Lynsey Treadwell

Lynsey is in her 10th year as the Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer. 

The Clerk of the Parish Council is not elected. This position is equivalent to an officer in local government and unlike the Councillors is a paid, part-time position.
The clerk prepares agendas and takes minutes of meetings, undertakes administrative and clerical duties on behalf of the Councillors, and is trained to provide advice and guidance on certain issues such as legal requirements and responsibilities of the Council.

The Clerk's address for correspondence is:

Austrey Parish Council, c/o 12 Hollybank Estate, Austrey, CV9 3ET, or email: parishclerk@austrey.co.uk