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Meet Your Parish Council

Austrey Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month

(apart from August and assuming we are quorate) at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. 

Members of the public are warmly invited to attend any of our meetings. Many local issues are discussed and action, where necessary, is taken in consultation with the village residents. For further information about what the Parish Council does, and for agendas, minutes and meeting dates, please explore the links above. Meet your Parish Councillors below:

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Tony Treadwell - Chair

Tony has lived in Austrey with his wife for almost 50 years and is a father of 2 and grandfather of 3. He has been a member of APC for 10 years now, and has a particular interest in village maintenance and the church clock. 

Tony can be contacted on

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Tristan Fraser

Tris lives in Austrey with his wife and daughter. He is largely responsible for matters relating to the playing fields and the play area.

Contact him on

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Sam Goldney

Austrey has always been part of my life. I had a very happy childhood in the village and even though I left at 18, I still visited my Mum frequently and maintained contact with the village. 
In 1999, I then moved back into the village, where we have raised our children who are both very proud to call Austrey home. Whilst understanding the need to change, I am passionate about preserving the countryside and our village and supporting our village family. 

Email Sam on

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Heather Swan

Heather has lived in Austrey for some years with her husband and son. She plays a key part in village maintenance and village communications.

Heather's email address is:

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Richard Nield

We have lived in the village for 19 years with both of my daughters going to the village school, then to Polesworth High school.
Recently retired, I am now able to give a few hours back to the village which has been a great place to live.

Contact Richard on

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Neil Hayward

After moving to Austrey with my wife in 2020, we have been delighted to have been welcomed and included in the village community. 
I hope to support the Parish Council as it protects and prepares Austrey for the future, and am especially keen to represent the needs and improve the life of those who, like myself, experience mobility or other special needs.

Contact Neil on

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Terry Webb

I moved to Austrey two years ago with my family and very quickly found what a friendly and pleasant village Austrey is. I have recently retired and felt it was time to put some of my free time to good use for the village, so decided to join the Parish Council. I look forward to working for the village.

Email Terry on

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Lynsey Treadwell - Parish Clerk

Lynsey is in her 13th year as clerk to the parish council. She has a BA (Hons) in Social & Public Policy. She was born and raised in Austrey and has spent around 40 years of her life living or working there, on and off!

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