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Each year the Parish Council asks for a sum of money,

called a ‘precept’, which is collected through your Council

Tax. For the tax year 2024-25, Austrey Parish Council will

receive a precept payment of £17500.

The Parish Council can also apply for grants or loans and

can receive money from rents or leases at Austrey Playing Fields. This money is used by to improve facilities and services for local people and to run the council.

Your Council Tax covers the cost of services at

several different levels:

  • The County (WCC) – have wide ranging

responsibilities such as maintaining local roads, providing

schools and social services.

  • The police force – at County level but financed separately.

  • The Borough (NWBC) – provide refuse collection,

maintain the village environment, provide leisure

services, social housing etc.

  • The Parish Council – provide a wide range of village amenities – Christmas trees, dog waste & litter bins, the   bus shelter, flower tubs, grit bins, and development and amenities at the playing fields, including the playground & CCTV. The Parish newsletter and the website are also  funded by the precept.

A breakdown of how Austrey Parish Council uses money from the precept can be seen by clicking on the budget which is published on this website. The Parish Council's Annual Accounts and related documents are also available to view online. 

View the annual budget here.


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