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Common Design Elements consultation

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This picture to the left is potentially what we could have running from Pooley Country Park across the river, canal, WCML and Linden Lane, and again from Warton to Austrey. Please go to the link below and complete the questionnaire, or you can do it via

"We have designed the Common Design Elements to do their jobs effectively, to last 120 years and to give taxpayers value for money in the long term. This means there are some aspects of the designs that we can’t change. For example, they will all be made of concrete, making them durable enough that we won’t need to replace or maintain them
as often in the future."

"These Common Design Elements will not exist in isolation. They will be part of HS2, which will also include other structures like security fencing, landscaping and operational equipment."

HS2 Community Engagement Strategy

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"This strategy sets out HS2 Ltd’s approach to community engagement and what it means for those who either live or work within the communities along the line of the new railway.

The strategy includes 10 commitments that we will use as the basis to measure our success. The strategy will help support our thinking, actions and decision making of both our people and our supply chain.

Our aspiration is to be a good neighbour every single day, by respecting the people and communities we impact and being sensitive to their needs, earning our social licence to operate".

Warwickshire Local Area Engagement Plan

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"We’ve written these Local Area Engagement Plans to explain how we’ll deliver our Strategy in each area. It sets out how we‘ll engage with communities across Phase One to ensure that we meet our commitments and continue to be a good neighbour".

HS2 Route Phase 2b Confirmed

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Transport Minister Chris Grayling has recently confirmed the decision made by the Government not to adopt the route proposed in the November 2016 consultation, stating that HS2 will not adopt the route proposed in November 2016 to the east of Measham in Leicestershire, but instead to confirm a revised version of the 2013 route to the west of Measham which follows the A42 transport corridor.

HS2 Community Engagement Event in Austrey

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HS2 Ltd will be holding a community engagement event at Austrey Village Hall on February 23rd, 2017, from 3pm until 7pm. Please feel free to call in at any time. This is an opportunity for the residents of Austrey to talk to HS2 staff about the implications of the latest route refinement for the village, local farms and affected properties. Staff from HS2 will be available to discuss the route the line will take as it passes Austrey, the environmental implications and the proposed property compensation and assistance schemes.

Please remember that you have until March 9th to complete a consultation questionnaire. These will be available at the Village Hall on February 23rd, or speak to a member of the Parish Council if you are unable to attend but would like to complete a questionnaire and have your say.

HS2 Meeting in Austrey, Saturday, 28th January, 2017

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Austrey Parish Council will be holding an HS2 information event at Austrey Village Hall from 11am - 5pm on Saturday, 28th January. Come along and see details of the government's preferred route - now much closer to Austrey - and discuss your concerns with our local MP, Craig Tracey. There will be a 3D model, showing the impact the line will have as it passes Austrey, and the local amenities that will be affected. Local sound engineer Dave Fish will be demonstrating the noise levels we can expect, based on actual readings taken from the high speed train in France. There will be feedback forms available and it is important that as many people as possible register their concerns with HS2 before the final decision is taken on the route around Austrey.

New Map Showing Proposed Impact of HS2 on Austrey

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Click on the button below to see the extent of the land which is at risk of being lost to HS2 if the proposed re-routing of the line goes ahead as planned. There has been no consultation on this last-minute change which brings the line - and the associated noise and disruption - 150 metres closer to our village!

MP Craig Tracey Raises HS2 Impact on Austrey in Commons

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Click on the following link to see Craig Tracey speaking in the House of Commons about the lack of consultation regarding the re-routing of HS2, bringing it 150 metres closer to the village.

HS2 Bulletin - Autumn 2016

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See the latest summary of activities from Warwickshire County Council's HS2 Project Team.

Communities affected by HS2 will get a £70m sweetener

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Communities affected by HS2 will get a £70m sweetener, says Transport Secretary as he vows high speed rail link will go ahead.
Read Chris Grayling's article in the Daily Telegraph of 12th October 2016 by clicking on the button.

HS2 Route

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Click on the link below for the latest details of the HS2 route as it affects Austrey.

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