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The Austrey Trail Route


Start at Austrey C of E Primary School, at the top of St Nicolas Close, turning right at the mini roundabout. Carry on down the road and turn left at the bottom of the close onto Main Road.

Pass a red telephone box on the left and shortly after, the old Austrey post office which still has the post box on it. When you reach the old post box, cross over the road to Austrey Stores.

Turn immediately right onto a short road called 'The Green' and carry on up a bridleway. Follow the track and on your right you should see the allotments. Carry on down the track and, again, on your right you will pass the church and graveyard. Turn left for the 'Bird in Hand' pub.

The pub is next to a 900 year old stone cross. This was originally a wooden Saxon cross, but it was pulled down by Oliver Cromwell and replaced with stone. Turn right back onto Main Road and you will shortly come across the village hall on your left. Carry on down the hill and turn right into Cinders Lane. Follow that for about half a mile and again on your right there should be a public footpath sign.

Turn onto that and go through a gate onto a large field. Follow the path straight across the field to a next gate. Go through that next gate. (Warning: there are cows that may charge in the next two fields so please take precautions. If you have a dog, ensure that it is on a lead).

Follow the path straight across that field into the next - there are obvious signs where the gate is - then follow in a slanted line towards the houses and count to a second gate and go through it.

Follow the concrete path onto a road and cross over to Warton Lane. Follow the path past Orchard Close and past the turning to Newton Regis on the right. You will see the Bishops Farm House and on the right, a lovely Tudor dwelling, and the Georgian Austrey Manor House opposite it. Carry on until you get to the crossroads.

Cross over the road  and go straight on down a short road called Appleby Hill, then turning immediately right onto Windmill Lane. Walk up there and turn left at the first turning past a row of garages to Hollybank park. Go into the park.

Walk up a concrete path past two baby swings to a green gate. Go through the gate and turn left, walk down a small path, follow the path to a dead end road then turn right. Walk down a wider path then turn right again.

Go down the hill then back to the start of Appleby Hill and turn left back onto Main Road. The 3rd left turning brings you back onto St Nicholas Close. Walk up the road turn left at the mini roundabout and you are back at Austrey School.






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